Hairloss, thinning hair ? We are not going to blind you with scientific facts. This website does not explain why you are losing hair or have thinning hair, this type of information has already received coverage on many other websites.

newCROWN is a unique product launch of a herbal ointment that is eradicating baldness and thinning hair problems and reversing the problem of hair loss for both men and women. Its amazing results are based on the traditional medicinal practices of ayuverdic doctors,(Ayurvedic derives from the Sanskrit word meaning "science of life and longevity"); across the middle and Far East and the Indian Sub Continent.

Is this hair restorer different? The remedy has been passed down through the generations and contains ancient and remote herbs that when combined stimulate the hair follicles. Alongside the use of special pure herbs there is the special ayurvedic blending technique which has been developed by Summan International and this blending and fusing with oils is what makes this product grow hair.
This method provides a safe yet effective solution, newCROWN is simply massaged into the scalp and starts hair loss recovery, which is effective almost immediately!.

This is the best product on the market, for hair loss / thinning hair. It should be used regularly to maintain the reversing process of hair loss.


To improve your hair


chemicals or surgery

you will not be disappointed with newCROWN.